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About The Book

Unify Your Marketing

Unify Your Marketing was written for business owners who are overwhelmed with growing their company. 

If you’ve ever stayed up at night worried about what to do next or how to focus your energy, the Unify Brand Steps will build your confidence and put your marketing on auto-pilot. 

It doesn’t matter if you are B2B or B2C, a solopreneur, or a multi-million dollar company, this proven system works.

This book is full of expertise, case studies, and guided exercises that move you through the steps and prepare you for success. 

You’ll figure out what steps you need to focus on, perform audits of your brand identity, develop a customer journey and marketing funnel, learn how to hire contractors, and speak the lingo to get exactly what you need from designers, consultants, and other business owners. Get a notebook, your computer, and a pen. We’re diving in.

You will Define, Build, Grow, Maintain, & Scale your business this year.

This is legacy-changing work here, and I can’t wait for you to UNIFY your company.

Unify Your Marketing Book

main key features of this Book

This book will teach you

How to do the work yourself
How to work with Contractors
How to Scale Your Company

THE Author

America's Marketing MacGyver


Award-Winning Filmmaker & Agency Owner, Bear Wade, has been guiding business owners for the past few decades in building their marketing materials in an order that saves them time, money, and heartache, netting great results in growth and sales.

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Don't Just Check The Boxes In Your Marketing.

Unify It.