Hiring help – Unify My Marketing S1E6

Hiring help - Unify My Marketing S1E6

Are you the CFE in your business? The Chief of Freaking Everything? From doing the marketing, taking the calls, closing in sales up to finances? One thing is for sure, it’s overwhelming! But let me tell you this: it’s okay to hire some help. In this video, I’ll be talking about how hiring help made me propel forward and focus “ON” the business more than “IN” the business. Let’s have a look!


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This is a Unify My Marketing show, where we believe every business deserves to look professional, have a clear message so they can grow their company. I am your host, Behr, Wade. And I want to hear from you, where are you struggling to grow your business? I want to feature 


You on the show. We’ll feature your question. You can submit your question to you. Unify My Marketing.com that is Unify My Marketing.com. Now, today, I want to talk about hiring help. 


How to hire staff for your small business

If you’re a small business owner like me, sometimes you get stressed out and I mean, all the time you get stressed out because you’re wearing too many hats, you’re doing too many things. And so I want to talk about hiring help. Hiring people can be the key to your success and the key to not, you know, stay insane, frankly. It is hard to do all the things, uh, when owning a business between doing the actual work sales, managing your finances with bookkeeping and invoicing and inventory management. You know, it’s just a lot, even being your own custodian at times, it’s just overwhelming. And so what I want to provide today is just the idea of hiring out some of that work. 


Yes, it costs money, but it does free up your time to make even more money. So the idea is that person will, will cost less than your worth, or then you can make, and you can earn that, uh, exponentially and stay in your power zone. Stay, you know, Michael Hyatt talks about in his book free to focus, which I highly recommend it. If you don’t know Michael Hyatt, he talks about, you know, staying in your genius zone, I think is what he calls it, where you find that kind of cross section of what you love and what you’re good at and what the business needs and stick sticking there. Things that the business still needs, but you aren’t good at, or you don’t want to do you hire out or you delegate to somebody else. And so that’s what we want to think about today. 


And that’s what I want you to think about today. You know, a great place to start is either like a virtual assistant, an admin assistant, somebody who can do your books for you, or do some invoicing or manage your email or your calendar book, your travel, if we’re out and traveling these days, you know, things like that. Also having somebody to update your social media for you on behalf of you, because we all know social media can be a real time, labor, intensive mind, intensive job. And so we want to make sure that we delegate that to somebody who can focus on it and do it well, think about that and think about where are your biggest pain points or something that you’re struggling with either doing or something that you know, you should be doing, but you aren’t doing that, you’re you you’ve been ignoring it, but you think the business needs and figure out how to, you know, label that, give it a name and figure out who to find as a specialist who can do that either for you on behalf of you, or if you can find somebody who can replicate something that you already do so you can train them how to do it the way you do it. 


From there, you can kind of clone yourself, cloning yourself in the way that you have, uh, somebody do something that a repeatable task over and over for you, or you try and find somebody who does something, uh, is a specialist that, uh, that does work, that you can’t do. And you want to trust them to do it for you. So think about that. And who is that?  


You Should Invest In The Best

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It’s a video course of me showing you how I do it. I’ve hired hundreds of people over the years, over the last 20 years. And I walk you through my process of vetting people going to the right spot to find the right people, defining what the job I’m looking for is for my company. And, you know, it’s just a great easy tool. And to walk you through it, I highly encourage you to enroll today. It’s totally free@investinthebestcourse.com that’s invest in the best course.com. So 


30 Coffees in 30 Days

I’m currently working with a business coach. I mean, come on. Even Michael Jordan had a coach, right? I have no Michael Jordan. I just got him a funny idea, but you know, I say that to, uh, people that I’ve worked with, you know, as, as their coach, everybody, uh, can move up a level. Everybody can level up. And so, uh, that’s what I’m doing. I’m working with a business coach right now and, uh, she is fantastic. She’s in marketing. So she understands what I’m looking for. Some of the struggles I’ve been having and some of my successes and where I want to go, some of my goals and she’s helped me get there. It’s it’s really neat. Uh, one thing she mentioned to me or challenged me with is to, uh, go out and meet people, just network. She challenged me with this 30 coffees in 30 day challenge. 


My idea or the challenge is not to necessarily go out and sell anything it’s to go out and just try and meet people that are business owners and learn what their successes are, learn about their business and see if I can connect people. If you are interested in having a coffee with me, I’ll buy it. Even if it’s over zoom, I will, uh, I’ll send you a free coffee. Uh, and I would love to meet with you. You can sign up at my website BearWade.com and you’ll see a 30 coffees for 30 days, uh, challenge there. And, uh, we’d love for you to sign up. I’d be great to meet you. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a, self-employed, you know, farm just efficiency minded. Some might just think it’s laziness, but I love repurposing things. I love making things once and repurposing it over and over, and especially, especially with video. 


Repurposing Your Content

So when you see a video like this, that I’m making sure it’ll be on YouTube, but that’s not where it ends. It’s going to be repost on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn, and maybe other places I might send it out to my email database. The idea is make it once, come up with the idea, make it once and repurpose it. So what ideas do you have that you could turn into videos like this, where you either talk to your camera, you know, your, your phone and you, you hold it up and you talk to the camera or you have a big rig, you know, like I do. And, uh, and, and talk to it. But what kind of ideas do you have? What could you share with your viewers or your potential customers or your current customers that make their life easier? You know, think about what those are. 


Jot a few of ’em down, record them quickly. It doesn’t have to be a big production. Let’s say you make a widget, you make this, this thing that you manufacture and somebody has found a different use for it, or, uh, one of your clients shared with you that they use it for something else, share that with the rest of your group, you know, uh, the rest of your tribe, the rest of your customers to make it a little short video and send it out. This thing is not just for that. Not just for X. You can also use it for Y you know, people will find value in that. And I think that’s a really interesting thing, but when you make the video, don’t just post it to one place. There are nuances, you know, obviously if you’re tweeting something, you only get so many characters and you know, it doesn’t work so well. 


Um, you know, as an email, cause that’d be kind of short, but the idea is have the concept and tailor it to each, uh, communication vehicle. And you can repurpose the heck out of it. So key takeaway, repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. 

You Need A Marketing Action Plan

If you were a small business owner like me, you need a market inaction plan. There are so many things to do to grow your marketing. It is overwhelming. It is just, I mean, with how many different avenues and directions you can take between networking groups, social media, which is a huge, I mean, between just Instagram alone, between reels and stories and posts, there’s email campaigns, there are, um, face-to-face meetings and say cold calling. There are just so many ways to market the print ads. It can be overwhelming. And that is why you need a marketing action plan. What is in a marketing action plan you might ask? 


Well, what it is is first, you want to define your 12 month and five-year goals and I can do this for you. This is something that I offer. It’s $5,000, and I’m looking for more clients to do this for because everybody needs this. Every place, every company, whether they have established, or we are just starting out, needs to define this. Clearly even I have gone through the process, my own self, and I reiterate my business. So I have gone through it. It’s a great practice. It’s a great way to remember who you’re targeting, who you’re going after. It’s you can struggle with it together with your team. It gets everybody on board. It’s just a great foundational thing to have. You start with your 12 month and five-year goals and you wouldn’t define them. You want to define your budget, your number of clients, your revenue, and, uh, those things will help you define it, gets everybody on the same page, all of your leadership on the same page. 


Next, we’re going to define two to three personas. And what that is is, is a made up kind of avatar your ideal client. It’s a way to picture in your mind, who you’re targeting their age, their race, their, and it’s one huge kind of stereotype, but it is a way for you to picture who you’re going after, who you’re targeting, who you can help the most when you’re thinking about your marketing in your business, who you’re reaching out to. So what we’ll do is create a two to three personas for you. We are going to dive into that, dissect that a little bit and design personas for you. Next is we’re going to design it three campaigns for you. And that is really coming up with a campaign initiative, some sort of communication, a package of visuals identity that is piece of communication that you want to roll out. 


You know, everybody knows that Lexus December to remember campaign where they have the shiny cars out in the parking, uh, out in the driveway with a big red bow, that’s a campaign. So it only comes out in December “December to Remember” is the name of the campaign. And we always have the big red boat, right? So that stuff is defined. And we see it every year, whether we like it or not, my wife would slap me if I bought a car without her knowing, but that the idea of creating a campaign, uh, we see it all the time and I want to design three of those for you. Next is a channel strategy. Obviously you can’t just spray and pray necessarily to every channel everywhere we want to try and hone in and focus on where your personas are hanging out the most. And we want to drive that campaign in that channel and make sure we roll it out in a strategic way. 


So they aren’t bombarded. They get the flow of information way that they can digest and understand. And so we want to design that a channel strategy for you. So it might be get you on some podcasts or maybe it’s a create a small video course for you. So you can roll out via email to your, to your customers, or maybe it’s Google ads campaign, or a Facebook ads campaign, whatever that channel is of where your people are hanging out. We want to, you know, strategize that. And we’ll define that for you next is your 12 month overall plan. And so this is just a chart of kind of a timeline of the next 12 months. And so how are we going to get there? What, in, in, in a certain month, what do we need to get done to get to that finish line? And so this 12 month, uh, overview really gives you a layout of the timeline of production. 


So we know that we don’t have to do all the things right away. We can lay it out, schedule it out. So we know when we’re going to work on each individual item to get to the finish line. And last is a 90 day action plan. And this is the actual content that we’re going to use to roll out your campaign. And so this is cut and paste material that you can use and bring it right into your email client or your email database, where you can send out in bulk, or you can cut and paste it right into your social media and send it out. Or we could even schedule it out for you. You know, for $5,000, you’re getting a huge, huge value and a whole game plan that you can execute on for the next year, if you want to. But at least the next 90 days where you can create a big bang in your industry, make some noise, get some sales, grow your company. So I encourage you to check out bare way.com or Unify-agency.com where we have the marketing action plan available and you can get signed up today. So check it out. Bear wade.com. I hope you enjoyed the show 


Today. Got a lot out of it. If you have any questions, you can always check out my website, a bear way.com, where we are helping small business owners learn how to unify their marketing. So there’s a way that you can build your marketing in order. So you aren’t overwhelmed with all the things you don’t over, uh, over spend all of your money, uh, doing it out of order. You don’t blow you out your budget and, uh, you can look more professional. So BearWade.com. We call it the Unify Brand Steps. So check that out just for a member, just because you’re checking all the boxes in your marketing doesn’t mean it’s working got to unify it. We’ll see you next time.