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Transform your business with Bear Wade’s award-winning consulting services and experience a 515% ROI* within the first year. By optimizing your team, technology, processes, and purpose, Bear Wade will streamline your operations, boost team morale by 50%*, and increase your revenue by 15%*. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and low morale and hello to accelerated growth and focused leadership. Don’t miss out—schedule your free consultation today.

*Results are not guaranteed. However, they are based on the average returns of our previous clients.

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We believe businesses can become bloated, unfocused, and sometimes toxic. Our mission is to help leadership redefine the right team, technology, processes, and purpose to grow their profits.

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    Meet our Founder, Bear Wade

    Two decades of building a self-sustaining business flywheel.

    Bear Wade is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Unify Creative Agency, an award-winning marketing production company. Bear experienced the relentless demands of leadership and its adverse effects on his relationships, health, and overall quality of life.

    Determined to find a better way, Bear devised a comprehensive plan to achieve professional success without compromising his team or services. By implementing innovative productivity, goal-setting, and leadership strategies, Bear steered his company through an economic recession and consistently delivered outstanding results.

    Remarkably, he balanced his professional commitments with his personal life, making dinner for his wife and two boys most nights. Bear is also the author of “Unify Your Marketing,” a guide to business owners that outlines his framework for growing a company’s sales through cohesive and strategic marketing efforts.

    Bear has consulted with companies ranging from local small businesses with annual budgets in the millions to prominent North American multi-site locations with billion-dollar yearly budgets.