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Bear Wade offers business consulting services and online community memberships designed to help business leaders grow their purpose & profits.

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The Most Common Obstacles to Growing a Small Business

Can you relate to these struggles?


Are you overwhelmed by the work and responsibilities piling up around you?


Are you confused about what the right moves actually are to grow your business?


Are you scared you're going to fail like so many other small businesses?

I'm Here to Help

Bear Wade, Certified Business Coach

Launching a business is hard enough-growing it can be even harder. It requires a whole new set of skills and abilities, many of which don’t come naturally to people who love the thrill of creation. Believe me. I as a business owner for over two decades, I get it. But, it is a common problem, but luckily it has a guaranteed solution.

Like anything else, scaling a business is about doing the right things, the right ways, at the right times. Guessing your way forward, which is what most people do, is a recipe for failure, but following the lead of someone who has already done it and can show you the way is a recipe for success. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’d love to show you the way.

🚀 Experience a 515%* ROI in Just One Year! 🚀

Transform Your Business with Bear Wade's Award-Winning Consulting Services

Are inefficiencies and low morale dragging your business down? It’s time to turn things around with Bear Wade’s expert consulting services. Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

Optimize Your Team, Technology, Processes, and Purpose
Bear Wade will streamline your operations, boost team morale by 50%, and increase your revenue by 20%. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to accelerated growth and focused leadership.

🌟 What You’ll Get:

  • Increased Efficiency: Eliminate bottlenecks and streamline processes.
  • Boosted Team Morale: Enhance team satisfaction and productivity.
  • Revenue Growth: Increase your revenue by 20% with strategic improvements.

💼 Our Guarantee: If you don’t experience a 200% ROI within the first year, I’ll refund your money and give you $5k. That’s how confident I am in delivering results!

*Results are not guaranteed. However, they are based on the average returns of our previous clients.

Signature Consulting Program

12 Months

The Executive Advantage

In my 12-month program, The Executive Advantage, I’ll personally guide you along the path to taking your business to the next level. We’ll clarify your vision, map out a proven plan, and execute the strategy to create a business that serves you and your customers for years to come. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

This is our comprehensive service, characterized by a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground, fully immersed approach. We are dedicated to delving deep into the details to ensure your business’s success, making it our obsession.

What you'll receive:

Our Clients Are Winning

Grimco, the nationwide leader in our industry, hired Bear Wade for his exceptional team management skills and extensive technological expertise. With our company spanning over 65 locations across North America, Bear's impact has been transformative. The foundation he built years ago continues to deliver immense value, making it difficult to quantify the significant savings we've achieved. We are still reaping the rewards from his strategic implementation, proving it was an investment well worth making. Grimco are thankful for Bear Wade giving our team guidance, clarity and focus they needed.
Keith P
Groundwork Mortgage revolutionized its marketing thanks to Bear Wade's unparalleled expertise. They developed a powerful, cohesive strategy that turned our website into a high-performing lead generation powerhouse. Bear and his team also crafted compelling videos, provided stunning high-quality images, and produced top-notch professional print materials. We are ecstatic with the results, witnessing a significant positive ROI even in a challenging market. Additionally, we have won consecutive awards from the home builder's association, solidifying Groundwork Mortgage as the leader in our area. Groundwork Mortgage couldn't be more proud of this transformative partnership.
Jeff B
CPAs for Hire, the local leader in tax advisory and fractional CFO services, has been thriving thanks to Bear Wade's exceptional support. Bear continues to drive our firm's growth month after month. Initially, we sought his marketing expertise to acquire more clients. Our success led to the expansion of a second location, prompting us to temporarily shift our focus to upgrading our fulfillment processes—a fantastic problem to have! Bear's invaluable guidance has kept us grounded and focused as we strive for global domination. Muwhahaha!
Dennis F

How does it work?

Three Steps to Small Business Success

Book your Discovery Call

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Design the Strategy

Together we'll craft a proven strategy to grow your small business

Implement & Win

I'll be there every step of the way as you put the plan into action

Additional Solutions To Grow Your Business


Getting to Autonomy

The Framework to Take Yourself Out of Your Business for Long-Term Success

Happy Customers, Happy Staff & Happy Profits

    Great for business Owners & Executives

    Get your idea into the market


    Business Startup Kit

    Use our 20 years of experience and proven framework to get your idea to market. First, we’ll vet your idea, and once it passes, we’ll build an online platform that will start generating income for you, even while you sleep. Add some energy to your idea today.

    Join Our Small Business Owner Community

    The Founder's Collective

    The Founder’s Collective is an exclusive community where small business owners generating over $100,000 annually come together to grow, overcome challenges, and support each other’s success. Add some rocket fuel to your business.

    Coming Soon

    Join Our Executive Online Community

    Leadership Collective

    The Leadership Collective is an exclusive online community for high-achieving business owners dedicated to optimizing operations and accelerating success. Tailored for elite executives with annual revenues between $3 million and $10 million, our group provides a platform to tackle advanced business challenges and unlock new growth opportunities.

    Gain a larger perspective on business, purpose, and profits.

    Coming Soon

    One-Day Workshop


    Marketing Team Strategy

    Join us for a dynamic, one-day on-site marketing consultation event tailored specifically to your team’s needs and goals. Bear Wade will lead an interactive and engaging session designed to address your unique challenges and opportunities and boost your team’s morale and focus.

    More sales Through Better Marketing

    6-12 Months

    Hire a Fractional CMO

    Are you ready to elevate your marketing strategy but not prepared for the costs of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer? Discover the benefits of hiring a Fractional CMO—expert marketing leadership on your terms.

    More Profit Through Better Efficiencies

    6-12 Months

    Hire a Fractional COO

    Are you looking to enhance your operational efficiency but not ready for the costs of a full-time Chief Operating Officer? Discover the benefits of hiring a Fractional COO—expert operational leadership tailored to your business needs.

    Save on Overhead & Make A Bigger Impact


    Hire a Virtual Marketing Department

    Hiring a virtual marketing department offers businesses the flexibility and expertise they need without the overhead costs of an in-house team. It provides access to a diverse pool of specialists skilled in various aspects of marketing, from digital strategy and content creation to SEO and social media management. This setup allows businesses to scale their marketing efforts efficiently, stay current with industry trends, and implement innovative strategies tailored to their specific goals. Additionally, a virtual team can quickly adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring that the business remains competitive and agile.

    Our Mission

    Over time, many businesses can become bloated, unfocused, and even toxic. At Bear Wade, our mission is to help leadership redefine the right team, technology, processes, and purpose to grow their profits.

    Proven Business Consulting Services

    The value we
    offer includes:


    Our business consulting services encompass a wide range of solutions to drive business growth and enhance team satisfaction.

    Meet our Founder, Bear Wade

    Two decades of building a self-sustaining business flywheel.

    Bear Wade, founder of Unify Creative Agency, is a visionary leader who transformed his approach to balance professional success and personal well-being. Facing the pressures of leadership, he developed innovative productivity, goal-setting, and leadership strategies. This allowed him to navigate economic challenges while consistently delivering excellent results. Remarkably, Bear maintains a strong work-life balance, making dinner for his family most nights. He authored “Unify Your Marketing,” a guide for growing sales through cohesive marketing. Bear consults with businesses of all sizes, from local enterprises to billion-dollar companies.

    Start the process. Grow your profits.

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