Leverage The Power of Networking to Market Your Brand

We’ve all heard the saying about “it’s who you know not what you know,” and this is just a reminder that if you don’t get out there and meet new people, nobody will know about your business. Networking is an awesome opportunity to tell your story, what you’re excited to do on a daily basis, and find more people to help. That’s what this is all about, right??

3 Things to know about networking

  1. Make networking work for YOU: What are 3 things you like about networking? Write them out and figure out what kind of networking events or style might fit you best. We all know we avoid things we don’t like so don’t let that be what stops you from networking. Find a style that works for you!
  2. Networking can be fun: Whether one on one or a large networking event, you get to decide the direction of your conversation. You don’t necessarily have to be direct or salesy, in fact it can be purely fun to learn about others, have a good conversation and realize you’re not alone in some of the struggles of owning a business.
  3. Mi casa, su casa: It might not be that the individual you’re working with is your client, but as you talk, it may become more obvious that someone they know, or someone you know might need what the other is offering. Taking the time to learn about their business, what they struggle with or others they know that might be looking for a solution you offer can lead to some really fruitful conversation. While it may be a one to one conversation it can quickly expand to be about your entire networks and how they might intertwine.

Meetings with personal contacts can be an amazing way to reignite your passion and stoke your sales fire to bring in new customers. I found each of these things to be true through an exercise I dubbed 30 Coffees in 30 Days.

Networking challenge: 30 coffees in 30 days

I want to challenge you to get out there with your business and take your brand script and shop it around to people that need your service. I want you to book 30 appointments and grow your network. Create some momentum. Get the energy of our business going! So here is how we are going to do this:

Create a list of 10 people that are your most likely to buy your new offer from you, that you know.

Send them all a personal message, or hell, even give them a call on your cellular telephone, (gasp!) and take them out for coffee.

Once you meet, ask them about their business and really get to hear their successes and pain points.

Ask them, “How can I help?” and truly see if you can help them.

They will in turn ask how they can help and you can mention your offer and ask them if it is something that they are interested in pursuing.

Then ask them who they know (in their network) who could use your offer. Get names and contact info and even ask for an introduction.

Work to fill the remaining slots over the next month with people outside your network.

You can “advertise” your challenge to your network via email, social media, word of mouth and start to book slots as much as you can. Get after it! Where your attention goes, energy flows!

Create a graphic to give this challenge an identity, like I did with the cup. You can use the graphic like the proverbial thermometer to illustrate that you are reaching your goal.

Follow up the meeting with a thank you message and follow up with any solutions that you have for their pain points.

Keep them and their pain points in mind as you move about life and try to solve their problems and get back to them with ideas. Goodwill goes a long way.

Ways to expand your network

Here are a few great spaces to explore networking opportunities:

  • Clients
  • Family, friends & neighbors
  • Local business community
  • Events/conferences
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Local networking group
  • Social media groups
  • Resources to expand your offerings

Download a copy of our free team marketing worksheets here. Want to learn even more? Check out our book and video course, Unify Your Marketing.