These stats are crazy…

These stats are crazy…

The number of registered businesses saw 70% growth in 2020 during the pandemic. Analysts credit the surge to job loss, rising consumer demands, and people wanting more with their careers. Millions of new business startups entering the marketplace mean more noise and decision fatigue bombarding your prospective customers. 


In 2021 alone, there has been a rising trend in how much content is being produced and consumed.

Every day of 2021 has seen:  

  • 100 million Instagram photos and videos posted;

  • 350 million Facebook photos and videos posted;

  • 5 billion YouTube videos watched;

  • 300 billion emails sent; and

  • 550,000 new websites were created.


New business owners are scrambling for strategies to get them to market faster with lower startup costs. That is *exactly* what the Unify Brand Steps provide. Bear Wade, an award-winning filmmaker and marketing agency owner, is obsessed with helping business owners succeed. In his debut book Unify Your Marketing launching October 5, 2021, Bear gives you 5 Steps to Build Your Marketing in the Right Order so your business can soar.


The Unify Brand Steps framework helps businesses of all sizes improve their marketing and save time, money, and heartache to stand out from the noise. Bear created the Unify Brand Steps, a 5-part framework driven by his passion to help new businesses, as well as seasoned business owners, avoid the costly mistakes that he has seen time and time again.


How do you become an industry leader during the Covid business boom?


How do you stand out from the startup competition post-pandemic?!


Define your brand identity, build out your digital platform, grow your audience, publish ongoing quality content, and scale your business for continued success.

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