How to Gather Great Testimonials for Your Website

Testimonials are displays of social proof that your company is valuable. Very Valuable. Like gold. It is one thing to say that you are great at what you do, but it is another thing for someone else to say you are great.

Gathering testimonials should be standard practice for you and your company.

What you want in a good testimonial is something short, and states how you solved your happy customer’s problem. If you can get a photo of their smiling face, all the better. If you use Google Reviews, great! That will help with your website SEO, so make sure you set up a Google My Business page if you haven’t already. Also, adding testimonials to Facebook is great too.

You can even add those testimonials to your website, so you instill more confidence in your viewer’s decision to buy from you.

Remember, you can hardly EVER have too many testimonials. Just pile it on! Smother your viewer in overwhelming satisfaction from everyone you’ve worked with.

If you are struggling to get people to write a testimonial for you, then this is what I do to get it going:

I write it for them, on their behalf, and then let them rewrite it or approve it. I thoughtfully write it from their perspective and do my very best to advocate for their image, but at the same time write something that would be helpful for our potential clients to understand.

Another way to get people to write reviews is to offer them an incentive. So give them a discount when they write their review or enter them into a drawing to win something substantial. Make it fun and get as many as you can in the coming year. 

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