Authentic Photography For Your Business

We want to define clear authentic photography of your product or service as well as mockup the customer’s outcome of working with you. 

If you’re a spa, your customers would look relaxed and their faces would be soft. If you’re solving business problems, they may look excited, rich, and successful.

They say a photo can speak a thousand words, so make sure those words are clear, concise, and set the mood that you’re looking for. You don’t need a hundred photos to use, either. Having 5-10 top picks goes a long way and with repetition, you gain brand equity. 

Always hire a professional to take photos for you. Make sure they focus on quality lighting, tone, and texture.

If you are taking photos of a person, find a portrait photographer. If you are taking pictures of a product, find a product photographer.

You don’t usually need a documentary session to capture good brand photos. You need a session that can be staged and controlled in the right setting.

And also in your brand photography, you can tell a story with what kind of photos you choose.

  • Wide shot of your product or service in an environment
  • Mid shot with people using your product or service
  • Close-up of your product or service
  • Ultra close-up to show off texture or a detail that you want to highlight

Incorporate your logo, call-to-action, brand script, and brand colors into your photographs. These basic ads could be utilized for social media, the website header, email campaigns, a magazine ad, and a postcard mailer. This saves you money and also makes the image sticky in the audience’s mind.

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