Is There a Lack of Promotion in Your Marketing?

If you never promote your products, customers won’t know about them.

It’s obvious, but so important.

Have you ever said this?

  • “No one can find us.”
  • “We aren’t on social media.”
  • “Our website is confusing.”
  • “Our website doesn’t feel like us.”
  • “Our customers never hear from us.”
  • “We don’t get enough calls.”
  • “We don’t have anything to pass out.”

My Own Lack of Promotion Story

My wife calls me her “external hard drive” because she claims to not have a very good memory. She is wicked smart, but we tease each other about how I can remember too much and she can’t remember enough. It is a fun partnership!

Because of my background in historical documentary film making and my wife’s lack of memory, she and I published a book together in 2016 called The Life & Times Annuary.

The concept of our “Annuary” is like a diary, but for your years, rather than your days. We don’t have time to write every day, but we wanted to capture our most valuable memories for the year and jot them down.

(Writer’s note. I just went back to my actual Annuary to see what year we launched the Annuary because I couldn’t remember! It was 2016!)

An annuary has one spread, or two facing pages, reserved for each year of your life. Every year, you add the major highlights and events so you can look back on them in the future.

The book is an amazing gift to those that use it, but the fact is no one knows it is something that they even need. It is great for genealogy groups and retirees. And it is a great gift for new babies, anniversaries, and holiday gifting.

We have not promoted this book enough, and because of that, both Jen and I moved on to more immediate money-making endeavors.

Enough about my inadequacies – if this is an issue for your company, take immediate action.

You might delegate promotion to an ads manager, create a word-of-mouth PR campaign, or make your pricing structure clearer, so people know how to buy from you.

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