Does Your Business Have Poor Leadership Communication?

An unclear leadership plan can result in uninspired team members, poor output, and faster turnover.

All of these outcomes hurt a company’s sustainability and will burn you out as an owner.

If we surveyed your team, would they know:

  • Mission or overall goal of the company?
  • Do they feel enabled to contribute to their job?
  • Do they feel heard and valuable?
  • Do they know that their direct report understands what they do?
  • Can they define their own role and connect to how that plays a part in the greater goal of the company?

My lack of leadership is showing

My lack of leadership began to show a few years back. My team started to become unproductive and slow down on their delivery times; they also started to talk more in the office and wasted time.

That was the symptom that was presented when I neglected the importance of strong leadership. As a manager, all I was doing in the form of leadership was calling a handful of meetings, reminding the team of deadlines, and asking them for their input to make these projects better.

When I first started the business, I was looking for clones of myself to do the projects the way I would. But as our team grew, I had some incredibly talented people working with me. I needed to empower them to realize they didn’t need to just fulfill what I asked them to do, but feel inspired to let their talent shine.

I encouraged them to contribute to the team in their own unique way. They were more invested in their projects. Feeling heard and valued matters!

We were able to turn things around because of this mind shift in my leadership style and crank out some amazing work to get in our production groove again.

What are you going to do to take immediate action to fix this issue?

  • Define and post goals for each role on the team?
  • Read/listen to leadership books and other resources?
  • Schedule review sessions with each team member to communicate expectations, roles, and goals?
  • Let a current team member go?

Take the time to consider the ways in which you can improve communication errors and team morale.

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