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Bear Wade:
Marketing Strategist, Author &
Award-Winning Content Creator

Founder of Unify Creative Agency, Bear Wade helps businesses build their brand on a budget. Bear speaks on a number of topics including…

  • Looking at your business from 5,000 feet and asking: do we need a rebrand?
  • Producing quality promotional video content on a small budget
  • Articulating your business’s unique mission and brand
  • Publishing a mix of digital, website and print media to increase brand awareness
  • Defining team roles and workflow processes for seamless content production
  • Delegating work to freelance contractors when it’s time to scale

Unify Your Marketing

In Unify Your Marketing, Bear breaks down his proven five-step branding process, the Brand Steps™, to help both startups and longtime businesses soar.

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You don’t often hear marketers talking about the concept of order. But for Bear Wade, order is everything. 

An award-winning creative marketer and video expert, Bear helps businesses build their brand in the proper steps to save them time, money, and heartache.

After watching businesses struggle with marketing for years, Bear bundled his expert tips into a five-step plan, the Unify Brand Steps™, to guide business owners with simple strategies. It’s the same approach he uses everyday with clients at his St. Louis based company, Unify Creative Agency.

Award-winning filmmaker, author, and host of the Unify Your Marketing Show.

Bear Wade is a creative marketer and video expert who helps businesses build their brand in the right order to communicate their value clearly and concisely so they can grow. He is the owner of Unify Creative Agency, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Featured as an expert guest speaker at the Simple Digital Marketing Tips Summit, February 2022

Bear has been featured on...

Featured on MarTech Podcast, September 2022 | “Automating Awareness with Digital, Web & Print Media”

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Sample Questions:

Here are some key talking points that will help guide the interview to get the most value for your listeners/viewers:

  1. What are the Unify Brand Steps?
    1. give quick history on filmmaking and trying to stand out.
    2. while financing my documentary habit, I was creative directing for clients.
    3. creating videos and websites for clients and working backward
    4. created this framework
  2. So, break down each step for us. There are 5, right?
    1. Defining
    2. Building
    3. Growing
    4. Ongoing
    5. Scaling
  3. How can we learn more about these steps?