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the Unify Brand Steps

Save tons of money and heartache. Bear Wade is a St. Louis based brand designer who has years of experience helping small businesses build their brand with our proven process.

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Define Your Brand Script, Brand Identity, and Brand Media



Build Your Pricing Structure, Website, Social Media, and Print Media



Grow Your Customer List, Lead Generation, and Campaign Initiatives



Determine Your Content Pipeline, Team Roles, and Content Schedule



Analyze What’s Working, Service Fulfillment, and Scale Your Team

Why the Unify Brand Steps Work

The truth is that you have probably built your brand in the wrong order and are losing tons of money in the process. That is no bueno when it comes to running a business. We have helped many businesses both nationally and here in St. Louis with our small business marketing steps. You can rely on experienced St. Louis brand designer Bear Wade to show you how to master your marketing, generate more sales, and become an industry leader.


Learn how to build your brand.


Build momentum with small wins along the way.


Make marketing decisions with confidence.

Not sure Which Step You're On?

Step 1: Defining

The first step is to define your value proposition, core insight, tagline, and call-to-action. From there, we work together to define your logo signature, brand colors, fonts, and additional design elements to create your brand style guide. This will be our guide as we move into crafting brand photos,  brand videos, and testimonials.

Step 2: Building

Building a pricing structure that buyers can understand is essential to a profitable business. From there, we can define your customer journey so your domain name, website, sales funnel, and social media channels accurately reflect your business model. The final step in the building phase is to define your print media: brochure, postcards, handouts, and business cards.

Step 3: Growing

Growing your customer base through Content Relationship Management (CRM) software is key to nurturing your clientele and growing sales. We work together to define your lead generation spigot: a way to reach your target audience and continue to grow your customer base over time. There are many options that can be part of your growth plan: from content creation for YouTube, Social Media, and Paid Ads to Cold Calling, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. Our final step in the growth phase is to build your first campaign, giving your audience one clear solution to a problem they’re facing.

Step 4: Ongoing

With a clear mission and targeted solution, it’s time to produce consistent, engaging, and helpful content across all of your channels. This is where we define your campaigns, creators, editors, and publishers. Next, we work together to produce a content calendar to layout topics, production schedules, and assets. The goal is to create content once and run it through your pipeline to make the most of your time and effort.

Step 5: Scaling

It’s time to scale what you’ve built and watch profits soar! First, we analyze what’s working and adjust or cut what isn’t. Next, we define your project management system so you can track and fulfill orders. Finally, we create standard operating procedures to track your team’s progress and make necessary adjustments to grow your thriving business.

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Not sure Which Step You're On?

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