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Unify Content Guide


In the Unify Content Guide, we have everything your small business in St. Louis needs for video production and marketing. Designed by award-winning content creator Bear Wade, this guide is his proven process to make quality content time and time again. With this expert set of instructions, you can become a video production expert and boost marketing of your small business in the St. Louis area

What’s Included:

  • 12-Step Video Series Production Process
    • The macro view of steps in making a video series
  • Content Outline
    • Defining different elements you’ll need to focus on to make a great video, including topics, titles, and thumbnail design
  • Video Structure Outline
    • Breaking down the different parts of a good video including helpful suggestions – including suggested edited time lengths
  • Content Outline Worksheet
    • Use this easy-to-follow guide, as a worksheet to jot down your thoughts and ideas before recording your video. This will save you a ton of extra recording time, extra editing time, and hard drive space.
  • Our Push Record Checklist
    • Use this reference sheet before every filming session. Pushing record can be overwhelming, and this checklist is a go-to for any creator.
  • BONUS: Ideas to make your videos even more engaging
    • Feeling stale in your videos? Not getting the positive feedback you were looking for? Wanting to step it up a notch? These bonuses will help spice things up a bit!

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