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Use our 20 years of experience and proven framework to get your idea to market. First, we’ll vet your idea, and once it passes, we’ll build an online platform that will start generating income for you, even while you sleep. Add some energy to your idea today.


Red Meat Lover

In 2014, Joe Lampe approached us with the idea of creating a cooking blog. He had envisioned using “meat knify” and even sketched a cartoonish dinner knife character, though he hadn’t decided on a blog name yet. His inspiration came from casual conversations about grilling with friends over some drinks.

Joe hired us to develop a brand and set up his blog website. We proposed “Red Meat Lover” and designed a visual identity featuring a cow/pig/chicken/heart emblem, which Joe loved. Despite chicken not being red meat, we knew the name would attract the specific audience he wanted.

After a year of consistent blogging, we reviewed his progress and suggested he expand by creating a YouTube channel for cooking videos.

Now, eight years later, our channel boasts a Silver Play Button Award, 175,000 subscribers, nearly 16 million total views across 250 videos, and over $150,000 in YouTube ad revenue.

We also average 50,000 website views per month!

Wasn’t this project done years ago? Yes. Does it prove that a great foundation is worth the investment? Yes.


Paving The Way

In 2009, Bear (Brandon) Wade produced his first feature-length film, a historical documentary titled “Paving the Way: The National Park-to-Park Highway.” This two-part series has been airing on PBS across North America for over a decade.

This project marked the beginning of his understanding of building a brand around an idea. Although he was already running a marketing business, this experience taught him the value of the Unify Brand Steps. He learned that following the correct order in marketing can save time and money while effectively bringing an idea to market.

Bear had to create a brand identity and marketing materials for his unfinished film to secure votes from at least 50 PBS Programming Producers nationwide. With the right timing, a vetted product, and professional branding, he secured nearly all 350 votes. Even before the film was completed, he had secured distribution and attracted better sponsors, including AAA.

This project ended up becoming the cornerstone of Bear’s portfolio for his commercial video business for the following decade.

Was this project created long ago? Yes. Is it still selling? Yes. That proves that his framework is one that is well worth the investment.

What is included:

  • We vet your idea using our proven checklist with a 1-hour kick-off consultation.
  • We consult on ways to generate your business name to speak to the customer without being too clever, cute or confusing.
  • We consult on developing your product name so people know what they are buying.
  • We help develop your brand script (elevator pitch) so you know how to clearly articulate that you understand your prospect’s problem and that you have the solution.
  • We setup your ideal customer profile so you have clarity on who you are targeting.
  • We develop your brand identity package so people start to recognize your product or service.
  • We develop a website landing page so that people can learn more online and even pay you money for your products or services right then and there.
  • We setup your CRM so that you can keep track of your prospects and continue to deliver quality resource to them.
  • We setup your marketing strategy action plan so you learn how to drive the boat that we’ve just built together.

Payment plans are available.

Time until launch day: 60-120 days.


Treadwell Data

When Treadwell initially partnered with us to brand their startup software consulting business, we laid a strong foundation for their identity. Years later, they returned to elevate their marketing and refresh their brand. Our comprehensive approach included revamping their logo, color palette, website, photography, and print materials. This refresh not only modernized their appearance but also clarified their mission.

Remarkably, within just a few days of the rebrand, Treadwell secured its largest client to date. With an impressive ROI of 943%, Treadwell has been expanding its team, growing its client base, and thriving.

Our marketing firm played a crucial role in Treadwell’s success story. From the beginning, we understood the importance of creating a strong, cohesive brand identity. Our initial efforts provided Treadwell with the tools they needed to establish themselves in the competitive software consulting industry.

When they returned to us for a brand refresh, we took the opportunity to enhance every aspect of their visual and strategic identity. By updating their logo and color palette, we ensured a contemporary and professional look. Our redesign of their website made it more user-friendly and visually appealing, while our new photography and print materials provided high-quality, consistent branding across all platforms.

The results speak for themselves. Not only did Treadwell secure a significant new client shortly after the rebrand, but the substantial return on investment highlighted the effectiveness of our work. Treadwell’s rapid growth and success in the industry are testaments to the value of a well-executed branding and marketing strategy.

Our partnership with Treadwell showcases our ability to help businesses evolve and succeed through strategic branding and marketing. We take pride in knowing that our work has contributed to Treadwell’s thriving presence in the market and its continued growth.

Did we mention they had a 943% ROI with their investment in the Business Startup Kit?

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If you’re just starting to develop your business idea, we highly recommend our Market-Ready Validator.

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Includes 36 prompts over 10 topics like: 

  • What specific pain points or needs does your target market have?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • Why are you the person who brings this to market?
  • How much funding do you need, and where will you obtain it?
  • What are you going to call your product or service?
  • Who is going to be part of your team to succeed?

+ Many More