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Step 2: Building

Building a pricing structure that buyers can understand is essential to a profitable business. From there, we can define your customer journey so your domain name, website, sales funnel, and social media channels accurately reflect your business model. The final step in the building phase is to define your print media: brochure, postcards, handouts, and business cards.

Next Steps

Congratulations! With your Brand defined it is time to Build! Go through the checklist below to determine what pieces of Step 2 you have completed and which ones still need work.

Step 2 Checklist: 

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We know this can be a lot to handle along with managing your business.

 Do it yourself with the resources below, or hire a Bear Wade instructor to do it for you!

Looking for help?

We have solutions to fit your needs.

Way to Go!

You’re cruising now! Take a deep breath and know that with Step 2 Completed you’ve saved a ton of time and money in the long run. Keep it up!

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